My Time 2 Quilt - Beginning Quilt Classes

Student requirements:

  • Provide your own machine and bring your instruction manual

  • You will need a ” foot and a walking foot

  • Fabric and Pattern

  • Neutral Sewing Thread – 1 spool

Students without portable machines, notify me prior to taking the class, so we may work out details to have a portable machine first class day.


Class scheduling is 3 weeks, 3 hours each session, which is rotating based on the end of the previous class.  In fairness to other students, classes will be held as scheduled and on time, unless majority of class agrees to a change.  Make up classes are available by request.


Machine Quilting of an existing quilt is .01 penny per inch, plus the cost of thread for an all over design of loops and swirls or meandering.


Beginning/Intermediate Quilting Classes, $35 for 3 hours


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