About Calico's

How I got my name Janome

Janome examines the VCR/DVD Combo

She day dreams of the moment the printer will print

Janome hears a noise, the journey begins

She, waits patiently

Ah Ha, its working

Janome needs to hold the paper down

She begins to read or smell the print

Janome tries to stop the flow

Wait, I hear the other printer

above the VCR/DvD Combo

Janome checks behind the monitors

Janome is thirsty & tired from inspecting

vTime for a nap

What is that I hear

Why it is a Ferret in a Bag !

 Yikes another Ferret !

Take that you Varmint

We are safe up here George

All the comforts of home - or am I in a rest home already

Now to Exercise, push me Dad !

More comforts of Home...TV

However, I do not like either show

So I shall resort to Exploring

 Hi, Neighbor...and I can see

the mountains from here

When not Exploring, I help Mom with the Laundry, while George watches on

or with Quilting

Since being adopted there is

so much to do, they even have a Cockatiel name Alohi,

but I do not see her

Then there are the downsides,

what kind of cat are you?

and you stink too

The Ferrets are Out into my Kitty Condo to hide

Sometimes I wish I was this Cute !

See My First Snow Adventure

Calico cats, are not a breed of Cat....they are almost always female because the X chromosome determines the color of the cat and female cats, much like all female mammals, have two X chromosomes, whereas male mammals, including common male cats, have one X and one Y chromosome. Since the Y chromosome does not have any color genes, there is no chance he could have both orange and non-orange together. One main exception to this is when, in rare cases, a male has XXY chromosomes (see Klinefelter's syndrome), in which case the male could have tortoiseshell or calico markings. Male calico or tortoiseshell cats are sterile due to the abnormality of carrying two X chromosomes.




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