Quilt Studio

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Before & After of My Time 2 Quilt Euphoria Studio - Design (floor plan) done by Hubby

Definition of Euphoria - a mental/emotional state defined as a profound sense of well-being.

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Main Studio - East

Main Studio - North

Entry & Library

Quilt Library

Cutting area - HQ16 - Fabric Wall - West


After the HQ16 was setup & before many other studio projects were completed between Apr-Sep 2006

I chose the lighting placement

All shelves and wood furniture/cabinets were unfinished wood

Hubby made the cutting counter top

The finished look

Before the last book case was finished followed by the finished look


  The following pictures were shot without flash, available light 

Looking North-East

From the HQ16 looking East - cutting table to the right

Looking West, cutting table, treadmill, HQ16 and fabric area

Below Entry door to the right the Quit Library

From Quilt Library to the Studio

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