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What is being said, about Mary's work


Kathy, Albany, NY

Monica, Salt Lake City, UT

Danielle, Bountiful, UT

Mo, San Gabriel, CA

Lori, Tulare, CA

Shannon, Salt Lake City, UT

Brooke, Far West, UT

Jamie, Meridian, ID


Kathy, Albany NY


Over the years, I had gathered fabric from my grandmother, mother, my two daughters and myself.  Fabric from clothing that grandma and mom wore - fabric from my daughter’s dresses and other clothing that had special meaning.  Not quite sure at first what the final outcome would be, I continued to keep the fabric.  I thought about a quilt, but knew that I had no talent for such a project.  Then my path crossed 'Doc' - a gentleman who was helping me with my genealogical research.  He had mentioned that his wife, Mary, had a quilt studio.  I instantly thought of the fabric that I had been gathering and contacted Mary to see if she was interested in taking on this project.


After our initial contacts - she referred to the quilt as "The Memory Quilt" - which I loved!  The Memory Quilt that Mary made is already a family heirloom.  She took the fabrics gathered over the years and transformed those bits of cloth into a quilt to honor my family.  A genealogical treasure!  The interest, care and energy that she had throughout the project showed how much she loves what she does and the final product reflects the wonderful talent and skill she possesses.  The creativity and vision involved throughout the process is quite impressive.  The attention to detail is amazing - from matching the thread exactly to the paint color of the room it will be in - to stitching the family names into the quilt -nothing was neglected.  Words can't begin to describe how much I appreciate and adore the quilt.  I am so very lucky and privileged to have Mary Young complete this quilt for my family and myself.  She is a perfectionist who takes obvious pride in her work.


When I went to the post office yesterday (after being so frustrated with the postman) - I was emotional when I opened the quilt up.  You had me in tears at the sight of it.  It was beyond anything I ever expected or hoped for!  Happy with it, no - beyond happy - elated and thrilled!  It's difficult for me to express my gratitude because nothing that I write seems to sum up what I feel in my heart.  It's not adequate for me to just say 'thanks - great job'.  Mary - it is my privilege, truly, to have had you create that quilt.



Salt Lake City, UT


Thank you so much for the beautiful baby quilt for my little guy, You are so talented and thoughtful to put all the time and effort into making it for us. I greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again,


Bountiful, UT

I just wanted to thank you again for Rachel's beautiful baby quilt we just love it. I put it over her baby carrier when we are out, and I have received at least a dozen compliments on it already! I happily tell them my cousin made it, and show them your label, just a little free advertising :-) ! Josh, my 3 year old just loves to snuggle up in it, so it is fast becoming his favorite quilt as well.

Thanks again for everything,


San Gabriel, CA


Hi Mary,

Just wanted to say Job well done on my quilts!


Tulare, CA

Thank you so much! It means allot to have Grandma's quilt top finished.


Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for the beautiful hand-made quilts. They will be a keepsake forever. It was so thoughtful of you.


Far West, UT

We just wanted to say Thank You for the beautiful quilt that you made. You have so much talent and your creativity and projects always amaze me. I leave the quilt setting out to show everyone how cute it is. I can't wait until she is here to wrap up in it. I can't thank you enough for all your love and support.

Meridian, ID

Thank you so much for the amazing quilt for Avery! It's absolutely beautiful!! We appreciate your thoughtfulness, love & time that went into making it.
Thank you,


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